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Jay Weintraub

Jay Weintraub

CEO & Founder of Connectiv Holdings

If there is a term called “event entrepreneur,” that certainly best describes my last 15+ years. I transformed my early digital marketing domain expertise into an industry-leading event. Four exits later, and my passion for thoughtful connecting forms the basis for Connectiv – a portfolio of industry-defining events.

While events are what the communities we serve experience, our success is not measured by the number of attendees or sponsors. Instead, we judge ourselves on the impact we make to some of the world’s largest, most complex, and necessary global industries.

Today, our portfolio consists of Blueprint (real estate tech), Manifest (logistics tech), Medicarians (age tech), and Cumulus (agri / food tech).

I have been fortunate enough to speak across the globe and am an investor in 60+ companies, as well as having been an advisor to a dozen more.

Should you wish to connect, feel free to email Jay at


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